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Basement Grotesque

A unique website for our own typeface

Basement Grotesque is one of the amazing projects created by passionate and talented people of basement studio. The sum of good taste and hard work resulted in a strong and powerful new typography, backed by a masterpiece of landing page with a
strong brand presence.

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The Beginnings

After a year of deep work, we started to think about the idea of making a change in our identity, an internal project that would challenge us as a team to show the world our capabilities.

The problem was too clear, but we didn’t know how to get off the ground. For that reason, doing hackathons was the best option to
find the perfect idea to stand out.

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Andrés Briganti

Head of design

Made it handcrafted for strong designs, free for every person who wants to use

Launch into the exciting world of typography, we knew we had to do something captivating, attractive, and motivated to share. That was
the challenge: to create the most powerful, heavyweight, and strongest typeface you have ever seen, capable of catching everyone's attention.

Create, develop and show off

If that wasn't enough, we needed to create an interactive and creative landing page with a cool performance, representing the source in all its forms, with smart development and a great user experience that is mind-blowing. We needed that website to be part of our identity so that anyone who sees it knows who they are talking to.

As always, we wanted to leave a mark on our projects. So we made a unique and different site, with a meticulous work of elements, features, and functionalities to make sure users are proud to see the content. The structure of the landing page is simple and easy to see.

Using a palette of blacks, whites, and grays to make an imprint. Composed of elements that show the different applications of typography, manifesting our striking aesthetics and designs.

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