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In the ever-evolving tech landscape, where giants like Kindle and iPad dominate, Daylight emerges as a fearless challenger, driven by a mission to redefine technology with a focus on well-being. Picture this: a computer that doesn't bombard you with blue light or endless notifications; sleek, fast, and cozy. Imagine using it outdoors, basking in the sunlight, wherever inspiration strikes. Daylight brings you a tablet with an e-ink screen, promising a refreshing digital experience.

Here’s how our partnership supercharged Daylight's marketing strategy, resulting in a unique website that boosted their sales and led to a sell-out in less than a day.

Big asset


Truly inspiring work doesn’t happen in the dark. We had the opportunity to create something fresh and groundbreaking. Daylight’s website needed to become a canvas reflecting their ethos of simplicity and well-being.

As an early-stage startup they faced the dual challenges of creating a high-quality, distinctive online presence while managing resources wisely. Our mission was to partner with Daylight, providing value and strategic direction for their go-to-market strategy. We jumped in with a tailored approach to meet their unique needs and aspirations.


Instead of overwhelming visitors with sales pitches, we designed a site that tells a story. Inspired by the company’s name, we crafted an approach that demonstrated how the product fits in a person’s life, from morning to night.

Our design expertise came into play as we created a website that dances with light and shadow, mimicking the natural rhythms of a day. Smooth scrolling, serene visuals, and a soothing palette simulate the calming experience Daylight offers, immersing users in its calm embrace.


For Daylight, time was the most precious resource. They needed a high-performing website — one that could position their brand to go head to head against some of the world’s biggest tech companies and attract investors—and they needed it quickly.

To meet this challenge, we optimized timelines and identified key opportunities to co-create with Daylight’s internal team, streamlining processes to work more efficiently, including rendering all the visuals and even cooked up our own visualizer tool to supercharge development.

Tanuj Lalwani

Product Engineer at Daylight Computer

Working with basement.studio has been a dream come true. We at Daylight set out to build a “living, magical magazine” to showcase our first product, the DC-1. And the team at basement delivered; they’re masters of their craft and seamlessly wielded cutting edge-technologies, with an unreal attention to detail to bring our story to life. All while performing under the insane pressure and chaos of an impending launch.


Working shoulder-to-shoulder with the Daylight team, we crafted a bespoke, high-quality website that echoes the essence of their groundbreaking product. Every pixel tells their story, every click showcases the tablet’s magic.

We developed a robust framework that not only supports the current product but also sets the company up for seamless expansion and future success. This collaboration ensured the website was not just a digital presence but a strategic tool for growth, helping Daylight position itself as a tough competitor in the tech world and an attractive prospect for investors.


The result of our collaboration is a beautiful and powerful website that drives growth. This platform has been key in executing their go-to-market strategy, enabling rapid market entry and driving significant sales volume, with hundreds of units sold within just a few hours, nearly reaching a complete sell-out.

This project not only establishes a solid foundation for Daylight's future endeavors but also underscores the great impact of our combined efforts. It is a milestone that epitomizes innovation, strategic execution, and the power of partnership—definitely worth celebrating!

Tanuj Lalwani

Product Engineer at Daylight Computer

There’s one thing you can be sure of when working with basement — they truly care. And it shows — in the weeks since launch, we’ve had 300k website visits and almost sold out all our inventory of 5 batches.