Launching Apollo GraphQL toward future growth


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Launching Apollo GraphQL toward future growth

When Apollo GraphQL sought to reimagine its brand to appeal to both developers and enterprises, they turned to for a bold transformation. Apollo, a leading tech-stack platform trusted by industry giants like PayPal, Netflix, and The New York Times, needed a brand that could reflect their innovative spirit and trusted reputation.

Over the past year, our collaboration has culminated in a revitalized brand identity and marketing website that not only meets but exceeds their ambitious goals. This refresh has significantly boosted their click-through rates and conversions, delighting customers, leadership, and team members alike. Our strategic partnership has empowered Apollo to deepen their market impact and reach new heights in their mission to empower developers worldwide.


Apollo came to with the aspiration of exponential growth. However, they felt limited by their current brand identity, which did not match the innovative solutions their platform provides. Over the past year, we’ve partnered to evolve their brand identity, and digital presence and support them with the GraphQL Summit event, to reflect their forward-thinking ethos and fuel future opportunities.

Facing the steep trajectory of Apollo’s ambitions, we knew we needed to create a unifying design system that would scale to meet their digital and print needs. We also knew we didn’t want to leave their existing developer community in the dust. So, we had to think about how to refresh their brand identity in a way that could communicate innovation and still maintain a sense of trust and familiarity. Lastly, we also wanted to ensure we could smoothly and sustainably integrate updates from both a creative and technical lens.


To meet the complex communication and marketing needs of the brand now and in the future, we took a top-down, full-funnel approach. Collaborating closely with Apollo’s internal team, we fine-tuned each facet of their visual identity, from the typeface to color schemes, ensuring each element was practically applicable.

We worked together to ensure consistency at every touchpoint in the customer journey, whether digital or print. This included auditing and overhauling their website as well as designing a variety of additional marketing collateral, including materials for live events (


The result was a distinctive, futuristic retro identity that not only facilitated the revitalization of Apollo's brand identity but also helped identify opportunities to amplify their impact and foster deeper relationships within the development community.

For web development, we built a robust, high-performance architecture that facilitated a pixel-perfect design implementation while streamlining the development experience for Apollo's engineering team.


Through our collaborative efforts, Apollo emerged with a revitalized brand identity that resonates with both existing users and new audiences. Our involvement in the co-creation process expanded Apollo's market reach, enhanced their impact, and deepened their existing relationship with the development community.  This collaboration didn't just transform Apollo’s brand image and digital experience; it also significantly accelerated their growth in the competitive GraphQL solutions landscape.

Peggy Rayzis

Former Senior Director at Apollo GraphQL

Apollo GraphQL came to with a seemingly impossible task: design a brand that developers love and enterprises trust. Even with our tight deadlines, they delivered.'s refresh of our brand identity and marketing website resulted in a 2x increase in CTR and conversion for signups and sales inquiries. Our customers, leadership, and team are delighted by our new brand and its positive impact on our business. I'm so grateful for our continued partnership, and I'd recommend their services to all my peers!