Forging a Competitive Edge

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Next.js introduced a new paradigm and quickly gained the trust of industry leaders on the web. To maintain its competitive edge, Vercel identified the need for a brand revitalization.

It was time to encapsulate the reliability and efficiency that Next.js signifies through a new logo, driven by the strength of scalability and an emphasis on simplicity - one that excels not just in form but also in function.

Next.js logo before and after

A Reshape For The Future

We needed a new shape that could adapt to the complexities of the web and its ever-shifting dynamics of size, space, and resolution.

The previous Next.js logo faced two significant issues: its usability was problematic in many scenarios, and it became hard to read in small sizes, even to the point of breaking down visually.

Next.js symbol figure asset
Next.js symbol01
Simple grid figure asset
Simple grid02

A Bold Move For Next.js

With close collaboration with the Vercel design team, we've ended up with a reliable solution that captures the speed conveyed by the previous logo and emphasizes it through functionality. We looked for high legibility and contrasting presence for the new approach, making the shape quickly stand out everywhere.

Grid and Angles

While embracing new paradigms, the design team recognized the importance of honoring the brand's established identity. This balance ensured that the legacy of Next.js remained intact while aligning with the company's forward-looking vision. The blend between heritage and innovation resonated with the business's drive to cater to both existing and emerging markets.

Big asset

From Solid Foundations

At basement, we love building on the web because it often resembles a retro-futuristic journey. And that’s why we admire how Next.js embraces the future by drawing on the foundational principles that shaped the early days of the internet.

It's not a surprise that our inspiration spaned from the ventures of Steve Jobs and Paul Rand in the 80s all the way to modern innovators like SpaceX, Tesla and beyond.

Early mockup figure asset
Early mockup01
The moodboard figure asset
The moodboard02

José Rago

Founder at basement

We spotted a retro-futuristic direction right from the start. The hard work was refining it.

From the start, our path was clear. Using simple grids and shapes, we moved from tech-style to sci-fi, aiming for a new, unique look while staying within the rules of straight lines and sharp angles.

Next.js Logo Early Exploration

An evolving process

Once we had a clear concept of the desired outcome, we continued experimenting with the logo hand-to-hand with the Vercel team. We focused on adjusting its boldness and kerning, testing different notches and cuts for each letter.

Next.js Logo Process

We even experimented with some versions that echoed the previous logo. This process revealed the opportunity to resemble the ideas of the original shapes through bolder explorations of the new design. We were keen to capture the intriguing dynamic between the 'N' and 'X.’

Big asset

The Missing Part

As Next.js is a prime example of an MVP in the open-source world, polishing the finer details wasn't a top priority. When your focus is making the web faster, the first step is shipping, right?

Sure, the journey began with just the original wordmark. But when success came knocking, the need for a complete brand overhaul was clear. We're thrilled that the time has finally come to dive into the basement to add the final touch - the missing symbol.

Big asset

The next standard

Vercel wanted to ship this logo for one of the major product releases in 2022. The deadline was pressing, and the expected exposure was immense. But isn't that the ideal recipe for success?

Indeed, when the logo was finally revealed at the conference's opening, the immediate feedback confirmed that this bold move was not just necessary but transformative.

With just a few months in the field, it’s rewarding to see how the new logo allows a wide variety of usages and creativity.

The new Next.js logo is more than a design initiative; it's a strategic step toward business growth and market dominance.

By addressing usability issues, enhancing brand recognition, and resonating with a broader audience, the redesign aligns Next.js's visual identity with Vercel’s consolidation in the industry. As the framework navigates the future of web development, its new logo stands as a beacon of its commitment to excellence and business success.