We Make Cool Shit That Performs.

We are a team of specialists who work across different industries of different sizes. We don't settle, we are intentional about building with surgical precision and creating extraordinary experiences. We go the extra mile, and then walk a couple more, just for fun.

our team



We put “you” at the forefront of our design process. We sit at the intersection between quirky and serious.



To make cool shit that performs, we made sure we chose the right tool. Something strong, something resilient, something extraordinary. “Next.js”. We are experts, we’ve used Next.js a lot, and we’ve mastered its power.


Zero to One

The best ideas start out very chaotic, sometimes you might think it’s a mess, let’s help you make sense of it all. Let’s make your mess beautiful.

Developer focused on crafting delightful and creative interfaces with some code. When I’m not doing that, I’m playing the guitar.

Meet Our Team

Alan DanielDeveloperI got a library for that.
Bernabe BermudezFinancial OfficerMy mind works like an Excel, always improving the profit.
Brett DanickGrowth AdvisorAlways building.
Brian PalmieriDesignerIf it has a well-designed packaging, I will surely buy it.
Carla CorralesDesignerMy favorite artist is the sun.
Cesar Villasanti3D DesignerIt's all about attitude!
Delfina Mieth DesignerMy name is Delfina A.K.A. Dolphin.
Facundo SantanaCo-founderIt's kind of fun to do the impossible.
Federico AlvarezDeveloperPart-time comedian.
Francisco AlaminoDeveloperYoung, reckless and full of energy.
Franco CamargoMotion DesignerLess is more.
Gonzalo RozasOffice ManagerHard work polishes the roughest stones.
Johanna ArrietaDesignerDo it with your whole heart.
Jose GuillenDeveloperA mix of black t-shirts and cat hair.
Jose RagoCo-founder & DesignerI’m the best designer around, I’ve checked.
Josefina JonesHead of Finances I’m the best Accountant you will find in this industry.
Juan Lautaro MartinHead of 3DI draw.
Kalil Fiat3D DesignerOf course, I can do that!
Lisandro MartinezHead of DesignOnly love, french fries and good design will save the world.
Martina BarreiroIntegrated ProducerLove what you do & you are going to be at least good at it.
Mateo Zaragoza DesignerLorem ipsum.
Matias GonzalezCreative DeveloperI call the big one Cuca.
Matias PerezDeveloperJian Yaaaaaaang!
Matt ConiglioFinance AnalystI see one way of doing things, the closest to perfection.
Mikael SargsyanDeveloperThe Office, season 7, episode #23, minute 16:38.
Nacho MandagaranDeveloperThose who can imagine anything, can create the impossible.
Nati MartinezHead of Mkt & SalesI’m the one who wears different hats.
Nay NostralaPeople Business PartnerStanding still is boring.
Nazareno OviedoDeveloper As long as I have hairspray & code to tackle, I'm good.
Nicolas Navarro3D Artist, GeneralistThe manual is your friend.
Santiago RivasDesignerJack of all trades.
Vittorio RetriviDeveloperI’m one of those who are crazy enough.