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How to make an internet protocol sexy

TODA Network is the next evolution of TCP/IP for value transfer over the communication layer and below the operating system. They contacted us to redesign their website in order to get all the blockchain-community's attention.

They had a basic branding, and some color ideas, but the logo and palette wasn't polished enough. We used gradients to resemble movement, progression. A block square to give the idea of stability and security, but it's hollow meaning it can be filled with whichever content. Given the users the posibility to build anything upon it. Meaningful, right?

Branding evolution


Once again we express complex ideas with simple illustrations. Toda being a descentralized ledgerless protocol made us really squeeze our powers of simplification. First we needed to understand the product, then we could start working on a brand system that really made sense.

Nodes illustration

Protocol concept

The content used in the website wasn't static, we used a new CMS called Sanity that you should definitely check out, allowing customizations on the fly. And a really easy to use dashboard for both, us developing and the marketing team adding content.

Suddenly we were eager to use the protocol, it looks like something else, not just a cold set of rules for a machine, but a product that engage users, and allows developers to build upon.

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