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Not only a pretty face

Lemmonet got in touch with us to refresh and create a new brand universe. They wanted to communicate a sense of technology, blendend with their characteristic maturity gained after more than 10 years of experience.

Every pretty thing in the universe has a name, so we name our colors. Period. Lemmonet Yellow is the primary and base color. Represents sensitivity, it's optimistic, and favors academic and analytical thinking, also it's related to wisdom and logic driven decision. The secondary color is Deep Purple. It's often associated with royalty, or value (as in poker chips), and bravery. As support colors we've chosen Pretty silver, which should be used for backgrounds, it represents maturity, and experience. And for the fonts I present to you our quite black. Associated with prestigiousness, sophistication, and usually industry leaders use black as main color.

Branding evolution


Simple, Clear, Serious, it does not only sends a message, it makes a statement. The logotype also tells a story, the L and M merge means how they've from the bottom, they've been through ups and downs, the double M's, but they're getting to the top, the E and T merge. Also it resembles to a Line chart that goes from the bottom to the top, and there's a hint to an arrow pointing up (like Lemmonet's clients sales and growth). Also some letters are joint when others are not. That's a wink to the analog and digital eras. Represents the coming-of-age era. The experience, and the adaptation to technologies. Last but not least, the accent of the last stop. the dot. Their freckle. It's their playful side, creative side, the part of them that breaks the mold and represents humanity.

Nowadays, brands are no longer static, dynamism is part of the DNA of every startup, Here we show how the brand should be used in marketing announcements, advertising, and general communications.

Finally, once all the brand guidelines were built, we had a strong foundation to build the website layout. Several wireframes and iterations where thrown to a browser. Terabytes of Sketch files after we nailed it. A website that transmitted all the values from the branding, using the new color scheme and fonts. Custom illustrations where a nice detail that Jose is really proud of.

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