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imusify wanted a new website to hype about their ICO. Brand materials needed a refresh, and after a couple of revisions, we agreed on the general aesthetics for the brand.

On most blockchain related startups, the solution behind the product is usually a little complex for simple peasants, We usually draw some sketches to translate those concepts into simple to understand illustrations. Concepts as distributed ledger, or the current stages to publish a record, for example, can be easily recognized at a glance. We merge the concepts with the brand system to create engaging illustrations.

imusify illustrations

After just a couple of wireframes, the layout was agreed and we move onto designing the UI blocks to create a design system. Components can now be shared between their app and the website, allowing to display information in real time on the web.

The waves pattern resemble audio waves, it's a simple concept that unifies the brand guidelines on top of which we built their image.

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