They were cool,
we made them mean.

Gamedex wanted a darker, faster, better, stronger website that projected their spirit on the browser window, we just added a little glitter here and there.

Assets were redrawn, Their complete color palette was revamped and we used neon styles (reminiscent of TRON) to create a more digital and gamer experience. Most of the assets are floating using state-of-the-art parallax effects. And some cards also tilt on hover tracking the mouse position.

Gamedex illustrations

Luckily for us, mainly, their brand was already really cool. They had brand manuals and everything was well documented. But the brand was lacking spirit. We gave this brand a soul by adding interactive pieces, fade effects as you scroll (that doesn't take forever rendering a blank page that generates a what-am-I-doing-here feeling). Darker colors, Neon everywhere, It screams games and cards.

We couldn't wait to see our work live on production. It is a nice experience working with Gamedex, Now that the foundations for a brand system is laid out we're starting to work on the product itself to develop a solid brand system that is recognizable everywhere.

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