Our work is serious, we are not.

About us

We get involved with your product as if it were our own. The passion we invest in the things we love is beyond measure. And if your brand is chosen as a client, you can bet we're loving it. You will be impressed by how many ideas we can throw against the wall in an hour. Our workflow is not standard, and neither are we -- or the brands we help create.

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Jose Rago

Co-Founder & Product Designer

As a passionate designer and pixel-perfect enthusiast, I'm always focused on solving user experience problems and improving design processes for clients and internal teams. I'm constantly with my finger on the pulse of the latest technology to create innovative products

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Franco Arza

Co-Founder & Fullstack Developer

Former philosophy student, Full time programmer for five years (and counting) and web leader at basement.studio. Likes to gaze into the abyss, and into the horizon, because that's a cool thing to do on a profile picture. Always trying new stuff someone mentioned on reddit

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What we believe in

We believe in the power of great ideas. We believe in reaching real people — getting actual humans (who are busy, distracted, and not interested in ads) excited about brands, products and services. Every day we try to be a little bit smarter than we were yesterday. If you like your agencies vague and arrogant, sorry! We get excited by old-fashioned stuff like 'hard work', 'kindness' and 'collaboration'. We don't try to get work out of the way, we love what we do, and we want to do it all day, everyday, so why shouldn't we give the best we can, each time?


Lines of code pushed.

Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight, thanks Bill. (Ps. we don't count, it's an approximate)

Arcade in progress.

We like to think of it as an eternal WIP, but you can call it done. Check our instagram to see the progress :)

Cups of coffee a day.

(but we're trying to quit, lol, not)

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